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Scare-Eye® Balloon

Scare-Eye® Balloons confuse and intimidate birds within visible range by using reflective predator eyes and markings – they even move with the wind! They are an easy to use, cost-effective solution and can be installed anywhere.
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A woodpecker sits on the side of a tree trunk.



Pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, grackles, swallows, and other birds.


Small fields, orchards, car parks, yards, gardens, garages, boats, docks, and more.

Additional Features

Mimics Real-Life Predators

Keeps birds away using reflective predator eyes and markings.


Made from a UV- and weather-resistant vinyl.


  • Balloon
  • Mylar Eyes
  • Mylar Tails
  • Strings (to hang balloon)