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Prowler Owl

Scare away birds and small pests with this predator replica of the most-feared aerial predator, the Great Horned Owl, which catches and eats nearly everything in its path.

Without movement, an owl scare is less effective! Install the Prowler Owl decoy in any open outdoor area where pest birds or small critters are a problem.

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Prowler Owl Close-up



Pigeons, crows, sparrows, seagulls, starlings, grackles, cormorants, small animals, rodents and more.


Gardens, parks, golf courses, marinas, rooftops, warehouses, docks, farms & barns, storage areas, patios, and other open areas.

Additional Features


The most realistic decoy on the market with a scale-size body, accurate markings, and a wing span of nearly 1.2 m with patented flapping wings.

Natural Movement

The lightweight wings flap up and down in the breeze for an intimidating, realistic effect that birds and rodents desperately try to escape from.

How It Works

The Prowler Owl is splayed out in a permanent “hunting” posture with its wings out wide and its head looking down as if searching for prey. Birds and rodents recognize this predator position and flee to other areas. The owl's wing even move in the wind for maximum realism!

Details and Specs

CoverageUp to 557.4 m2
(visual line-of-sight)
DimensionsWingspan: 111.8 cm
Length: 71.1 cm head-to-tail
Head Diameter: 17.8 cm
Shipping Weight907 g
Shipping box: 30.5 cm × 17.8 cm × 25.4 cm
MountingPlace owl neck opening on a 1.37 cm diameter pole
MaterialsHead: hard resin plastic
Body: strong-weave iron hide fabric supported by woven flexible cables and riveted plastic struts
After Purchase
ManualPDF [229 KB]  
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Head
  • Wings
  • Body



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