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M14-1 Propane Scare Cannon + Tripod

Compact, portable, and rugged, the M14-1 is a propane fueled, sonic scare cannon designed to humanely discourage wildlife from occupying undesirable locations. Unlike competing products that are more costly, lack features, or require expensive add-ons to be effective, the M14-1 offers a comprehensive list of innovative features right out of the box.
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Introducing the M14-1 Propane Scare Cannon

Good Life provides humane, effective deterrents for discouraging birds and other wildlife from inhabiting unsafe or undesirable locations. Preventing such occupation can help avoid costly property damage, fines, injury to wildlife, and even loss of human life.

The sleek M14-1 cannon was designed to incorporate numerous features and capabilities not previously available at its price point, if at all. Although compact, portable, and technically advanced, the M14-1 cannon is rugged enough to survive the toughest outdoor climates and work environments.

The M14-1 is proudly designed and assembled in the U.S.A.



Accurate and Reliable

Adjustable electronic ignition timer and multi-shot capability

Built-in Solar Charging

Includes an 8Ah SLA battery and high-output solar charge system with battery conditioning

Additional Features

Tripod Included

Includes a heavy duty 36-inch collapsible tripod

Accessories Galore

From tripod extensions and feet, to battery chargers, timers, and replacement parts, we have you covered

Protect your valuable property from pest birds and wildlife such as wild turkeys, geese, deer, coyotes, bears, and more.  The powerful M14-1 is excellent for use in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

Where to Use It

The M14-1 offers a compact, integrated design without compromising capability. It's sleek housing packs all of its technology into a small, easy to handle package instead of requiring separate, external batteries, electronics, and solar panels with a jumble of wires and hoses between them. Weighing in at only 30lbs with its collapsible tripod (not including propane tank), the M14-1 is easy to operate and transport.

Industrial & Marine

How It Works


Employing an electronic ignition system, the M14-1 guarantees accurate, efficient, and reliable operation with an adjustable detonation timer featuring two random fire modes (variable from 1–10 min & 5–30 min) and multi-shot capability (1, 2, or 3 shots). It also incorporates a fault tolerant solar charging system with an included internal battery. Additionally, optional radio and motion activation modules are available separately.


The M14-1 is designed to survive rough handling and operate effectively in the harshest outdoor climates. It is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminized steel and aluminum, then powder coated for additional durability. Primary electronics are resin potted and all connectors treated to prevent corrosion.


Although well-equipped out of the box, we offer an assortment of feature enhancing accessories to further extend the M14-1's utility. From tripod extensions and feet, to battery chargers and replacement parts, we have you covered.


Proudly designed and meticulously assembled in the USA, every M14-1 is subjected to rigorous quality control before leaving the factory. Along with thousands of hours of product testing, this ensures that your M14-1 cannon will provide long-term, trouble free operation.

Details and Specs

Sound DistanceUp to 5-10 acres
Blast VolumeAdjustable 130 dB
Blast IntervalVariable from 1-10 minutes & 5-30 minutes
Power TypeSolar + Propane
UsageAbout 20,000 detonations per 20 lb tank
Electrical Draw< 0.2mA Standby; 0.0004Ah Per Cycle
Battery Capacity8Ah SLA 12VDC
Dimensions40in (101.6cm) L; 10in (25.4cm) W; 5in (12.7cm) H
WeightCannon: 20.5lb; Tripod: 8.0lb (3.6kg); Shipping: 40.0lb (18.1kg)
Additional Information
Operating Temperature Range-5°F – 140°F (-20°C – 70°C)
Emissions ComplianceFCC: Part 15, Subpart B
ICES: 001, Issue 4
EN: 61000-6-3:2007
After Purchase
ManualPDF [138 KB]  
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's Included

  • M14-1 Propane Scare Cannon
  • 36 inch standard collapsible tripod
  • Hoses and regulator
  • Built in solar charging system
  • 8Ah SLA battery
  • M14-1 User Manual



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