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This product is not available in your country.

Gator Guard®


This realistic-looking alligator head decoy naturally moves with the water and wind to trick birds into thinking they are being stalked. Mirrored eyes flash red-orange in the sun. Easy to install and low maintenance.

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A beautifully decorated pond with many lush plants around it. There is a multi-tier waterfall.



Geese, ducks, herons, egrets, cormorants, and other water-based birds and animals.


Ponds, pools, golf courses, lakes, fish or shrimp farms, park districts, strata title schemes, industrial water bodies, and more.

Additional Features

Realistic & Lifelike

Easy to install and low maintenance.

Effective Anywhere

Use even where alligators don't live since this fear is instinctive and not learned.

Details and Specs

CoverageUp to 0.4 hectares depending on size, shape, and surroundings of area
(visual line of sight)
Dimensions63.5 cm L × 27.9 cm W × 17.8 cm T
Weight1.8 kg
MaterialDurable, weather-proofed urethane foam with UV-protected coating



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