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Protect your property from pests both above and below ground with the Garden Pack. Use The Guardian to repel pests like squirrels and deer while the Solar Snake Repellers drive away burrowing pests like moles and gophers. The Garden Pack is low maintenance and completely safe for the environment.


Safe & Easy to Use

Sonic pest control provides discreet coverage above & below ground, without the need of dangerous poisons or traps.

Large Coverage Area

Each Solar Snake Repeller protects up to 2,570 m2, while your Guardian covers an additional 557 m2.

Additional Features

Water & Weather Reistant

Both the Guardian and Solar Solar Snake Repeller have a waterproof rating of IPX4, which means they can withstand storms and sprinklers with ease.

Convenient Power Options

While your Solar Snake Repellers charge via the sun, your Guardian can run on batteries or an included AC adapter.

Where To Use It

The Garden Pack bundle offers you a safe, low-maintenance solution to protect all of your outdoor areas from pests. Get complete pest control without using poisons, sprays, or traps.
Protect your gardens from hungry squirrels & deer.
Repel gophers that dig up parks & golf courses.
Keep snakes away from porches & patios.

How It Works

Pick a location (make a pilot hole if necessary), and gently insert the aluminium tube into the ground.
Snap the power wires together (they only fit one way), and securely fasten the top panel to the aluminium tube.
Your Solar Snake Repeller is now ready for use! Simply remove and re-install while doing lawn maintenance.


Details and Specs

What's Included

The Guardian
Detatchable Strobe Light
(2) Solar Snake Repellers
1.5-Metre AC Adapter

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