Keep Raccoons Off Your Property

Use ultrasonic and sonic sound to repel raccoons.

Why get rid of raccoons?

Though cute, raccoons often carry diseases  . They are a “rabies vector species,” or a prime carrier of the rabies virus. In addition, they can also transmit roundworm and Leptospirosis. Their feces also contains Baylisascaris from roundworms which can cause significant damage to the nervous system.

Raccoons will also cause damage to your property while finding safe places to rest. Common areas they focus on include attics, crawl areas, and vents.

Raccoon Repellents

Want to only target raccoons?

The Guardian is equipped with revolutionary Select-a-Pest™ technology. This feature allows you to adjust the sound frequencies released by The Guardian to target specific pests.

Do you want to keep raccoons out of your pet's food without scaring deer away? Simply turn the dial to repel raccoons. Different frequency levels are proven to be more effective on certain pests than others, which gives you the power to target and keep specific pests away.

Features You'll Love

Exclusive Remote Control

Manually activate The Guardian up to 22.9 m away and let those vermin they know are no longer welcome here!

Frighten Animals Away

With our innovative predator call feature, drive away deer, elk, raccoons, and more using predatory wildcat growls. Frighten and disorient pests using the calls of their natural predator, causing them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Powering The Guardian Is Easy

The Guardian has been designed to operate with batteries or the included AC adapter. This allows more flexibility to install the device where you want based on your unique situation.

No Problem – Rain or Shine

The Guardian has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain. Even after cheaper knock-offs have submitted to the elements due to inferior quality and craftsmanship, your Guardian won't miss a beat.