Put an end to your bat problem

Safely get rid of bats with powerful ultrasonic sound, strobe light, and multiple custom sound options.

The Guardian™: Electronic Bat Repellent

The Guardian is a humane and environmentally friendly device that repels bats indoors and outdoors. It uses a highly specialized thermal sensor that recognizes movement by picking up changes in heat. This allows The Guardian to activate with animals and people, while at the same time preventing false activation like leaves blowing in the wind. The noise emitted is completely inaudible to you, but can be heard by bats within 1,829 m2.

Even my neighbors have noticed a sharp decline in fruit bats. — Gary, Gold Coast

Want to only target bats?

The Guardian is equipped with revolutionary Select-a-Pest™ technology. This feature allows you to adjust the sound frequencies released by The Guardian to target specific pests.

Do you want to keep bats away from your porch without scaring deer away? Simply turn the dial to repel bats. Different frequency levels are proven to be more effective on certain pests than others, which gives you the power to target and keep specific pests away.

Features You'll Love

Exclusive Remote Control

Manually activate the Guardian up to 22.9 m away and let those vermin they know are no longer welcome here!

Frighten Animals Away

With our innovative predator call feature, drive away deer, elk, raccoons, and more using predatory wildcat growls. Frighten and disorient pests using the calls of their natural predator, causing them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Powering The Guardian Is Easy

The Guardian has been designed to operate with batteries or the included AC adapter. This allows more flexibility to install the device where you want based on your unique situation.

No Problem – Rain or Shine

The Guardian has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain. Even after cheaper knock-offs have submitted to the elements due to inferior quality and craftsmanship, your Guardian won't miss a beat.

Why You Should Get Rid of Bats

Problems can arise when bats roost in homes and buildings, causing potential structural damage and disease concerns. Read on to learn more about bats and how to safely keep them out of your home.

Bats in general aren't destructive like mice and rats, but their droppings have high levels of acid that can cause corrosive damage and jeopardize the structural integrity of your home over time. A build-up of bat guano can permanently alter the smell of insulation and other building materials.

Bat Diseases and Parasites

Bat feces can contain a fungus that when inhaled, can cause histoplasmosis – a lung infection. Bats can also carry parasites like fleas, ticks, chiggers, mites, and bed bugs.

Bats and Rabies

Bats can be found in almost all parts of the world, with around 47 different species in the US alone. Many people associate bats with rabies, but thankfully bats only account for less than 1% of rabies cases (around 3 per year). Those who do get rabies are often picking up bats that are infected and sick. So if you see a bat acting strangely, don’t touch it! Please contact your local wildlife rescue, or the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

How Ultrasonic Sound Repels Bats

Electronic deterrents like The Guardian emit ultrasonic sound which can be very effective against bats. This technology interferes with bats’ echolocation, the high-frequency noise that bats send out to identify the space or objects in front of them. When it becomes difficult for bats to navigate their surroundings, they will find shelter elsewhere. This is a much more humane and eco-friendly alternative to traps or poisons.

Humane Bat Protection

We encourage keeping bats away for your own safety, as well as theirs. Bats are protected by law in many states, making it illegal to kill them or physically remove them from a roost. The Guardian is a simple way to encourage them to move elsewhere, but you can also speed up this process by installing a wooden bat house somewhere nearby. Bat houses are specifically designed to attract bats and provide an optimal nesting area, so once they find it they are usually very happy to relocate. Bat houses can be purchased, or you can often find DIY plans online.

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