Get Scorpions Out of Your Home

with the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

Innovative indoor pest control that works

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is our newest and strongest pest repeller yet, with tremendous ion-pumping power and louder ultrasonic sound waves. Schools, hotels, and customers worldwide enjoy an environment free of pests thanks to the Ultimate AT. These contractor-grade electronic pest control technologies are now available to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional exterminators.

From the day I plugged them in I have not seen one scorpion in the house. — Terry G., Texas

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Features You'll Love

High-Pressure Ultrasonic Frequencies

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 1,524 m2. Invading pests are flooded with loud, disorienting noise while you don't hear a thing. The unpleasant sound ricochets off walls and other solid objects forcing pests to flee. Ultrasonic sound output is specifically designed to target scorpions, insects, mice, rats, and other rodents.

Second-Generation Electro-Vibrawave®

Our technology changes the electromagnetic frequencies that travel through the wiring of your home into pulsating vibrations. The shifting frequencies are completely safe for you, your pets, and electronics, but irritate the nervous system of rodents and disrupt the receptors of insects nesting within the walls and cracks of your home.

The electromagnetic signals turn on and off every few seconds making it next to impossible for pests to build a tolerance to this irritating environment and drives them out. This unique feature gives pests no place to hide.

Ultra-Ionic™ Pest Control Technology

The Ultimate AT releases streams of beneficial negative ions into the air, similar to those in the atmosphere during a rainstorm. This alone makes pests want to seek shelter elsewhere. In addition, these ions pull pollutants, bacteria, and dust mites from the atmosphere, helping neutralize odors that can attract pests.

Quality & Convenience That Sets the Ultimate AT Apart

The Ultimate AT is one of the only repellers on the market to have an automatic night light. Illuminate dark hallways and rooms with a soft blue glow and make late night trips to the fridge a little safer.