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Plants vs Deer!

Are you tired of spending hours on your garden, only to find the next day it’s been ravished by hungry deer? We would be too, that’s why we have created a list of plants that you can include in your garden that will not only keep the deer away, but some repel mosquitoes too! Most of these plants are incredibly easy to maintain, so no matter if you are a beginner or an expert at gardening, you should have no problem with keeping these plants alive year-round.

Keep Deer Away These plants keep deer away.
Keep Mosquitoes Away These plants keep mosquitoes away.
Keep Both Away These plants keep both deer and mosquitoes away.

There are many other plants that keep deer away so you don’t have to stick to this list. Keep in mind when selecting plants, deer do not like plants that are fragrant, fuzzy or poisonous but hungry deer or young deer might be curious enough to give them a try. You can also integrate other preventative measures, like using The Guardian™ or installing a double fence to secure the perimeter.